Technology in the Hands of Children

Posted by Tara Hardy on

Resistance to technology is like….never riding in a car because there is a chance of an accident.

What if our libraries were places to interact with each other about our learning?  We have always thought they were a place to learn alone.  What if using a screen was not considered screen time, but considered looking through a window?  Technology is a tool that gives us a view into the bigger world.  It can take us places virtually that we may never have the resources to experience physically. 

I have a 10-year old daughter and a 7-year old son.  They thrive when it comes to actively learning about the world.  I want to take them to the Statue of Liberty and show them the Eiffel Tower.  I can’t afford to take my children to Paris or even New York right now.  BUT that does not stop me from showing it to them.  I can take them virtually anywhere! 

Teachers and parents are discovering that the classroom and the home are no longer limited to the four walls that contain them. We don’t need to be afraid of screen time because it is opening a window to the world.  There are so many educational resources available through technology.  We can show our children the world… what is stopping us?