Ideas to Make Homework Successful

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Ideas to Make Homework Successful


Homework can be a real struggle in a lot of families.  Children work hard at school all day and are tired when they get home.  For most children, the last thing on their mind is homework.  Parents can support their children and make homework an engaging time.  Here are some ideas.


Make sure your child gets some down time.  It is nice to get homework done first thing, but some children really need a break.  Work out a schedule with your child.  Tell them what needs to be done before bed and let them choose the order it gets done.


Make sure your child has had a snack or dinner before they attempt to work.  Frustration thrives on a hungry child.


Be there for them.  Sit with them. Make it a special time that they get your undivided attention.  This helps children feel like they are not alone.


If there is not enough time to get it done, save it for the morning when your child is fresh.  Set an alarm a little earlier and do it before school.  This is not the best way to get it done, but sometimes it is necessary.

Create a spot for homework to be done.  It can be a desk or kitchen table.  Make sure there are as few distractions as possible.


For reading each night, try to switch it up.  One night the adult reads, one night you read an online book, one night you take turns on each page, or have your child read the last word of every sentence.


No matter what, try to keep this time calm.  Homework is originally designed to reinforce skills.  It is not meant to be something to drive children to tears.  If your child is having too much homework frequently, talk with your child¹s teacher.  Communication between parents and teachers in a respectful manner is always a benefit to the child.