Holidays with Children

Posted by Tara Hardy on

Routine, routine, routine!  That is what the holidays destroy!  Young children need routine.  It helps them feel safe and to know what to expect.  The holidays bring great opportunities to disrupt that routine. 

I find myself needing to be reminded of this simple, yet so important piece of my children’s behavior and happiness during the Holidays.  My children are older now (11 and 8 years) and they still get thrown off with a lot of routine change.

Holidays are great times to reunite with friends and family, see new and exciting things and to travel.  The best advice I can give you during this time is to make sure your children are getting enough sleep, food and down time. 

Keep this in mind, so you can significantly decrease the potential for undesired behavior.


Tara Hardy

Ready To Learn Outreach Coordinator,

Detroit Public Television