Creating a Balance

Posted by Tara Hardy on

There is quite a bit of discussion about technology and kids. There has been research done and statements made about screen time and computer exposure.  What it all basically boils down to is BALANCE.  How do we create a technology rich environment in our homes without it being too much?

One of the main ingredients in having a balanced home is content and quality.  When we are sharing our phones, Ipads, tablets, and televisions with our children, content does really matter.  And yes, there is such a thing as too much.  We give our children carrots because they are good for them.  We don’t give them only carrots all day long or we may have orange children! Not sure if that is possible, but I have heard stories.  My point is even things that are great for our children need to have boundaries.

Children need quality, content and limits when incorporating technology into our lives.  Another key ingredient to this balance with young children is that we are the role models for them.  If the primary adult in a child’s life is always using technology, they will do what we do.

Technology is not bad.  Technology is good.  Technology gives us access to information and experiences.  It gives us a tool to connect with people far away.  It engages students to make learning more exciting. The list of benefits goes on and on.  Technology is a part of the real world and it is not slowing down.  We need to prepare our children for the real world, so let’s give them the tools!