Celebrating Writing with Children

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Writing is just one of the many steps that we teach our children as we guide them to become confident and capable members of society.  The best way to have children get better at writing is to provide lots of opportunities for them to write.  Celebrating what they write can also be done in many ways.

Giving children jobs that involve writing that are useful makes them feel like they are valued and part of the team.  This can be done by having your child write a grocery list and helping find the items in the store.  They can make lists of things that need to be done around the house and cross them out when they are completed.  They can make menus for dinner and collect drink orders from the rest of the family.  Writing all of the restaurants or street names down that you pass when you are driving around town is another way to incorporate writing into your everyday tasks.

Sometimes getting children excited about writing is all in the presentation.  Wrapping pens with duct tape and having a new notebook to write in.  Writing with chalk on the driveway. Using your opposite hand to write or writing words while looking in a mirror.  Using a clipboard to write words found outside or around the house.  These are just a few ideas of how to create opportunities in your home.

Children thrive when they feel valued and respected.  Writing is just one more way to encourage children to be competent.  Encouraging children and letting them know you are proud of their efforts can go a long way.