Black History Month

Posted by Tara Hardy on

February is a nice reminder for us how important it is to remember history and a great time to teach about diversity and culture.  There have been many discussions in the media lately about how black history month should not just be one month.  I think this is absolutely true. 

Young children benefit immensely from learning about their own culture and traditions.   It helps them define their own character and who they want to be.  Learning about cultures and different people expands this to a new level.  It teaches them about diversity.  It is a golden opportunity to teach them about peace and acceptance as well.

We are all different.  Even if we share a history and culture, we are still different in our own and unique way.  Sharing this with children for one month is good, sharing this with children intentionally as a habit all the time is great.   The more tools we give children, the greater a foundation they have to be themselves.


Tara Hardy

Ready To Learn Outreach Coordinator,

Detroit Public Television