Acts of Kindness

Posted by Tara Hardy on

We started out February with a focus of love during Valentine’s Day.  To continue this theme, we can look at kindness.  Kindness is a year-round act that should not be defined by a specific holiday. But, a heightened awareness around the issue is always a good thing.


One of the greatest and easiest gifts to give someone is an act of kindness.  This is something so little and so powerful, that we often lose focus of it.  Young children are not good at everything, but they are good at this.  With a bit of guidance a kind act can change a classroom and/or a home climate.


When my own children start to fall into the sibling rivalry battle, I am constantly telling them to change their approach.  It never fails, if one of them starts to kill the other with kindness, it completely changes their relationship.


Being purposeful about being kind helps instill this behavior in our children.  Volunteering with your children is another way to be a role model for your child.  When they see kindness is valued to the important adults in their life, it becomes valued to them.  The most important way to increase kindness is to give it to our children