Accommodating Special Needs

Posted by Tara Hardy on

We are all unique and different.  We all have different needs. When our needs are met, we are at our best.  The goal is to be comfortable, happy and a contributing member to the community in which we live.


Some children have needs that can be a little more obvious to the eye. That doesn’t make them any different than the needs everyone else has.  So why do we treat these needs so differently?


My children’s school has done an amazing job of accommodating the needs of a child with Autism. I have watched as they have spent a lot of time in every classroom educating the other children about this particular child.


They explained some of the behaviors that he displays and how he feels. They gave the children some ideas of what to do when these behaviors happen. As a result of this educational approach, the children are so accepting and really look out for this child.


I wish more schools would adopt this type of acceptance.  We all have needs. There is no secret here.