Our Earliest Learners

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Let's start from the very beginning and look at the ways that we ensure physical health and well-being for babies. For those of you with older children, think about and remember ways that you interacted with your children when they were infants.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What are some ways to ensure the safety and well-being of your baby that were not mentioned in the video?


Learning at Home Resources from PBS KIDS and PBS Parents




  • Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Doctor Daniel - Your child can play this game from Daniel Tiger to make believe she is the doctor and learn about what tools a doctor uses during a checkup.
  • Sid the Science Kid: Super Duper Antibodies - Help Sid fight the flu virus by giving him a vaccination and then seeing how the antibodies attack the virus in the body. Use this game with your child to help him better understand how immunizations work.



  • Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Doctor Play - Make your own pretend doctor instruments to play pretend doctor. Playing about a visit to the doctor gives your child a way to rehearse some of the procedures that will happen there.
  • Arthur: Handling Fear - Help your child learn strategies for handling potentially scary situations like going to the doctor, hearing sirens, or meeting a new dog.



  • Sid the Science Kid: Read and Play App - Download this Sid the Science Kid app full of stories and fun activities aimed at developing early science exploration. Your child can explore germs and senses and play with a virtual sticker book.
  • PBS Parents: Reading Activities at the Doctor's Office - Reading at the doctor’s office is one way to help your child relax while waiting for the doctor. Follow these age-by-age insights to get the most out of your reading during your wait.


Additional Resources