Managing Feelings

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Children who are able to manage and express their emotions and feelings are more effective communicators. They are able to tell you how they feel, calm themselves down when they get upset, and are not afraid to ask for what they need. These skills are very important for school success. 


Questions to ask yourself:

  • What was something you saw in the video that you thought was important?
  • Does your child respond to you when you ask how he or she is feeling?
  • How does he or she tell you about his or her feelings?
  • How do you talk to your children about your own feelings?


Learning at Home Resources from PBS KIDS and PBS Parents





  • Arthur: Draw Your Feelings - Creative activities like drawing can help your child express her emotions. Encourage your child to use this drawing game from Arthur to show how she is feeling.
  • Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Feel the Music - Music is one way a person can show how he is feeling. Your child can use Daniel's music game to learn about or express his emotions.