Independence and Problem-Solving

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You can help support your child’s approaches to learning by fostering independence and problem-solving. This video will show different ways to teach these valuable skills. 

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Now that you know a little more about different approaches to learning, what kind of approach were you best at as a child?
  • Which approaches do you think your child is best at? Remember, your child's strengths may not match yours, and you will have to figure out ways to encourage and support the way that they learn best.
  • When do you see your child being curious, creative, confident, persistent or cooperative? How do these traits help your child learn?


Learning at Home Resources from PBS KIDS and PBS Parents



  • Peg + Cat: The Long Line - Turn waiting in line into a fun math time by exploring number lines and line position while you wait. Watch this video to see what Peg discovered in her line.

  • Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: A Costume Party - Make a fun trunk of dress up toys just like the one in this video from Daniel Tiger. Ask your child for ideas of costumes to include. 



  • Sid the Science Kid: Sorting Box - Your child can practice math skills with everyday items like blocks or rocks. Reinforce your child’s color sorting skills by having her play a rock sorting game with May. 

  • Peg + Cat: Costume Box - Reinforce math and creativity with this fun game where your child can dress up Peg and her friends in silly costumes. How many costume combinations can your child make? 





Additional Resources