How to Read to Children

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Next, let’s discuss how to read to your child. Remember, there is no wrong way to read to your child. Any reading experience you have with him or her will be beneficial. This video will give you tips on ways to make reading the richest experience possible. You may not always have the time or energy to incorporate all of these strategies into your reading, but adding even just one or two, once in a while, will provide your child with more ways to learn about books and reading. 


Questions to ask yourself:

  • What did you use in the video that you are already doing with your child when you read together?
  • What did you see in the video that you want to try next time you read with your child?
  • Is there any time of day that works best for  you to read to your child? Try to think about a time every day that is a good time to sit down and read with your child.
  • Have you ever had your child tell you a story about a picture he or she has drawn?


Learning at Home Resources from PBS KIDS and PBS Parents




  • Super Why: Storybook Creator - New words are everywhere! In this game, your child can expand his vocabulary by helping Super Why choose new words to change the story. 


  • Arthur: Library Visit - Help your child learn about the library, role-play library procedures, and visit a local library with your children.


  • Super Why: Phonics Fair - Download this fun app from Super Why and let your preschool child practice word-building and phonics skills through classic carnival-themed games. 

Additional Resources