Forming Positive Relationships

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Children who form and keep positive relationships are ready for school and life because they have learned that they can trust others to keep them safe. Children who are comfortable with forming positive relationships get along with others, make friends, share and take turns. 


Questions to ask yourself:

  • Did you see anything in the video that you already do with your child?
  • How do you help your child learn to be kind and caring?
  • How did you learn to be kind and caring?


Learning at Home Resources from PBS KIDS and PBS Parents





  • Arthur: About Face - Being able to recognize facial expressions can help your child identify emotions others may be feeling. Play this game together to help your child determine the feelings of each of Arthur's friends.

  • Curious George: Fair Shares - Expand your child's understanding of the concept of sharing - and sharing fairly - by playing this game with Curious George. 



  • Arthur: Feelings - Help your child learn to name his emotions by talking about facial expressions and putting on an emotions parade.

  • Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Coupon Gifts - Encourage your child to show that she is learning to be kind and caring by creating gift coupons for family and loved ones. 




Additional Resources