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Children who are comfortable exploring their world are curious about people and things around them and like to discover new things. You can help your child be curious and comfortable while exploring by setting guidelines and rules for him or her to help them feel secure.

This video focuses on giving children the chance to make some of their own choices and how to support decision-making skills through play and everyday experiences. 

Questions to ask yourself:

  • How do you let your child be part of decision-making in his or her life?
  • Is there anything new you will try after viewing these videos?


Learning at Home Resources from PBS KIDS and PBS Parents



  • Peg + Cat: We're Growing (2:03) - See how Peg and Cat learn and do more as they grow a little bit each day. Talk with your child about how she is growing a little each day and can do more by herself too. 
  • Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Pick the Clothes that are Right for You - Sing along with Daniel and Katerina Kittykat as they pick the best outfits for their activities. Then talk with your child about picking out the clothes that best fit the activities for his day.



  • Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Tea Party - Your child can practice fair sharing, imaginative play, and early decision making skills when she plays tea party with Daniel Tiger and his friends.
  • Sid the Science Kid: Gerald's Weather Wheel - Encourage your child to pick the best clothes for Gerald to wear in the rain, snow, and warm sun. Then the next time your child needs to dress for certain weather, ask him what he thinks Gerald would wear.



  • Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: A Caring Center - When children play about being caregivers for dolls or stuffed animals, they practice thinking of others' needs and doing specific tasks to care for them. Set up a caring center for your child to role play the caregiver. 
  • Martha Speaks: What Am I? - Play a game of charades to help your child use creativity to distinguish himself from others and develop ideas for future career choices.



  • Arthur: Babies - Set up a play space where your child can role-play being a thoughtful, confident adult as she cares for a baby doll or stuffed animal.
  • PBS Parents: Children's Books that Say "I Love You" - Read these loving books to your child or have your child read/tell them to a favorite stuffed animal or loved one. Your child can show how thoughtful he is even at an early age.


Additional Resources