Creativity and Imagination

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Let’s look at some examples of supporting a child’s approaches to learning specifically learning through creativity and imagination. 

Questions to ask yourself:

  • We just saw creativity and imagination at work. What are you already doing at home with your child that is similar to the examples shown in the video?

  • What are some additional activities that you could try to support your child's creativity, persistence, organization, independence, and cooperation with others?


Learning at Home Resources from PBS KIDS and PBS Parents





  • Curious George: Day at the Beach - Curious George likes to build sand castles. Help your child explore science and develop creativity by building and decorating sand castles with George. 

  • Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Sandcastle - Daniel Tiger is playing in the sand. Encourage your child to use creative building skills to design a sand castle for Daniel. ​





  • PBS KIDS Lab: Home Collections - Collect small (age-appropriate) items from around the house and encourage your child notice the differences and similarities as he sorts them. 

  • Martha Speaks: Obstacle Course - Use chairs, stools, cardboard boxes, pillows, or other household items to make an obstacle course for your child to navigate and explore. 


Additional Resources