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Now let’s focus on the “literacy” part of Language and Literacy. At this age, literacy development is supported most by reading to your child so that your child hears new and different words, learns about different things and situations, and learns how books work. This knowledge will make learning to read easier and more exciting for your child. 


Questions to ask yourself:

  • Doo you remember a favorite book from your childhood? Who read it to you? What made it memorable?
  • Does your child have a favorite book?
  • How do you involve your children in reading?


Learning at Home Resources from PBS KIDS and PBS Parents





  • Martha Speaks: Stories - Read these Martha Speaks online storybooks with your child to help build vocabulary and develop speech and language skills. 



  • Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Coloring - Let your child see your writing and drawing often. Encourage your child to pick up a crayon and draw freely or color pages like these from Daniel Tiger. 

  • Martha Speaks: Listen - Go on a listening walk with your child to listen for the sounds all around. Do you hear rustling leaves, sirens, or a school bell? Ask your child to tell you about what they hear and see around them. 




Additional Resources